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PhD & MPhil candidates - Pacific & Asian history

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Name & emailSupervisor & thesis topic
Alasia, SamProf Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history  Weaving waves on land: Political parties and governance in the Solomon Islands
Bichard, ValerieDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  60 degrees South: A conceptual dialogue between Oceania and Antarctica
Black, PhilippaDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  New Caledonian Nickel Industry, 1873 - 1918
Cameron, LindsayDr Vicki Luker, Pacific & Asian history  The Convergence of British and American Methodism in the South Pacific Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church
Chua, Wei BoonProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Singapore - US relations in the 1960s and 70s
Connelly, AndrewDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  Indigenous and Colonial Historicities in the Trobriand Islands
De Lisle, AndrewProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  Sub-imperialism of the Japanese government-general of Korea, 1910-1931
Di Rosa, DarioDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  Remembering the colonial past today. History and historicities of Kerewo people (Gulf Province, PNG)
Dyt, KatieDr Tana Li, Pacific & Asian history  Vietnamese History
Foukona, JosephDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  Land reform before and after independence in Melanesia: Solomon Island, PNG and Vanuatu
Gidley, RebeccaProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Delayed prosecutions before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia and Bangladesh's International Crimes Tribunal
Guoth, NicholasDr Tana Li, Pacific & Asian history  Conduits and connections between Hong Kong and Australian Chinese merchants, 1860-1880
Halter, NicholasProf Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history  Australian travel writing about the Pacific islands from 1880-1940
Hammer, MathiasProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Land Conflict and Political Violence in Indonesia During the 1960's
Hewett, RosalindProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Indos (Eurasians) in Indonesia since 1949
Homerang, JennyDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  The role of 'Malagan' mortuary rite ceremonies in managing customary land rights of the Nalik-speaking people of Northern New Ireland
Hurle, RobertDr Tana Li, Pacific & Asian history  Mobilising People in the Viet bac: How did the Vietnamese leaders harness People Power to end French colonialism?
Iacobelli, PedroProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  Okinawan migration to Latin America in the 1950s
Jones, MarkProf Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history  Social and cultural change in the Indian Himalayan region of Kumaon. The 'mushrooming' of English-medium schools
Knapman, GarethProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Land and sovereignty in 19th century British Southeast Asia
Koleilat, LinaDr Thomas Du Bois, Pacific & Asian history  
Lamijo, Dr Tana Li, Pacific & Asian history  TBA
Leary, Danton Dr Tomoko Akami, Pacific & Asian history  Performing the Sacred Trust - A Comparative Study of Japan and Australia's Experience with the League of Nations Mandates System
Lubcke, AntjeDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  The Visual Conception of New Guinea on the Eve of Settlement
McDonnell, SiobhanDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  Maintaining a Customary Basis in Property Rights to Land: Lessons from Vanuatu
Mishra-Vakaoti, VanishaProf Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history  In and out of school: The realities of education in Fiji
Mitchell, PaulDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  
Nomura, HarukaProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  Reshaping the world from Shanghai
Nuttall, RuthProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Timor-Leste: 2006 Crisis
Paik, Yon JaeProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  
Park, ChrisProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  Korean Diasporic Social Movements: From the Long-distance Nationalism to the Transnational Identity
Park, Hea-JinProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history
South Korean Government-sponsored Agricultural Emigration to South America
Pawson, SimonDr Paul D'Arcy, Pacific & Asian history  Community development and tourism in emerging economies: A case study of Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
Puas, GonzagaDr Paul D'Arcy, Pacific & Asian history  Micronesian engagement with the outside world: Control, self-preservation, identity
Racines, MisaelDr Paul D'Arcy, Pacific & Asian history  Trade, Traders and the State at the Philippine-Indonesian Border
Shahrir, RuhanProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  From Malay Nationalism to Malaysian Nationalism: Bangsa in motion
Suva, CesarDr Paul D'Arcy, Pacific & Asian history  Fanatics? Leonard Wood, the Tausag and American Imperialism at the Bud Dajo Massacre of 1906
Takahashi, ShinProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  Reconsidering local autonomy in the Post-war East Asia: Arasaki Moriteru and the meaning of anti-base movements in the Post WWII Okinawa
Tian, MoProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  Propaganda and ideology construction of Manchukuo, through the case of Manchuria Concordia Society
Ton-That, Quynh-DuProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  The cultural heritage of the city of Hue, Vietnam
Vyas Pare, ShvetalDr Meera Ashar, Pacific & Asian history  Becoming India: Contingent Regional and National Identities
Wuqiriletu, Prof Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  
Zhong, XueqingProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  Compiling a Western Yugur-English-Chinese Dictionary: Lexicography in practice and theory

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