CHINA HERITAGE QUARTERLY China Heritage Project, The Australian National University ISSN 1833-8461
Nos. 30/31, June/September 2012


Geremie R. Barmé
Editor, China Heritage Quarterly

The China Heritage Glossary was launched in the December 2011. It attempts in a modest way to reflect contemporary Chinese reality and the resonances of the past in the present, along with the concomitantly rich terminology that is integral to the Chinese world. As with other aspects of China Heritage Quarterly, this Glossary pursues what we call New Sinology (Hou Hanxue 後漢學/ 后汉学).

In each issue of this journal we add new words, terms and expressions to China Heritage Glossary. In some cases we will revive old definitions, in others we will offer explications of complex, vexatious or simply near-untranslatable new as well as recondite terms. The Glossary will act as a means to delve into, as well as to navigate through, what long ago was called the Chinese 'sea of words' 辭海. In keeping with the publication-by-invitation style of China Heritage Quarterly, we will also solicit entries.

New entries are:

Previous entries in China Heritage Glossary: