CHINA HERITAGE QUARTERLY China Heritage Project, The Australian National University ISSN 1833-8461
No. 6, June 2006


Recent Chinese Publications on the Great Wall | China Heritage Quarterly



From this issue of China Heritage Quarterly we will publish when possible bibliographies related to the Quarterly's main focus as an aid to scholars and interested readers.

The following Bibliography includes books and articles related to the various Great Wall complexes of different historical periods published in Chinese in the People's Republic of China over the past thirty years. It does not encompass historical studies of a more general nature. Most of the works included here address the Great Walls and related questions from an archaeological perspective.

The translated titles of Chinese language journals provided below follow the English language titles on the journal's masthead. For economy of space, this Bibliography does not include individual articles in collections, if the anthologies are listed. No classical, Republican or early-PRC studies on the Great Walls are included.

Page numbers are provided for articles in journals wherever possible, but not for newspaper articles, as most newspapers listed here comprise only between four and eight pages.

For convenience, the Bibliography is divided into five downloadable PDF files as follows:

A Note on Electronic Publications

Two Chinese language websites provide a wealth of academic material on Great Wall studies and research, as well as general material related to tourism and conservation. The first of the two sites listed below has a number of books which can be downloaded in PDF format: