CHINA HERITAGE NEWSLETTER China Heritage Project, The Australian National University
ISSN 1833-8461
No. 2, June 2005


Conference Reports, Book Reviews and Recent Monographs

New Scholarship | China Heritage Quarterly
  • Review of: Hunan-sheng Bowuguan (Hunan Provincial Museum) and Hunan-sheng Wenwu Kaogu Yanjiusuo (Hunan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute), Changsha Mawangdui er, san hao Han mu (The Number 2 and Number 3 Han Tombs at Mawangdui, Changsha), vol. 1, Tianye kaogu fajue baogao (Report on the archaeological field excavation), Beijing: Wenwu Chubanshe (Cultural Relics Publishing House), July 2004, 394 pages + 48 pages of colour plates + 96 pages of black and white plates